Mentorship Programme For Post Graduate Students

Student support and success is very important at SCALSAR and the Faculty mentor Initiative for students involves the faculty to work closely with and for the students to augment student success. Each faculty at SLS, P has 3-4 students under them. The faculty student mentorship programme assists students in helping students to succeed both during their student life as well as in professional life.

  • At Symbiosis Law School Pune with majority of students hailing from various parts of the country the mentorship programme helps in settling down in the new city and environment.
  • It helps them to engage themselves as part of a larger society and settle faster in a new city that is alien to them.
  • The faculty members help the students recognize their strength, their abilities and interests.
  • The mentors help the mentees with their short –term and long term goals and help them develop a good career goal and ensure they work towards that goal.
  • The mentorship programme ensures that there is an interactio between the faculty and students outside classrooms and this relationship helps in increased student retention and also helps students with learning difficulties overcome problems.
  • The mentorship aims at discussing and supporting research, publication, career development and also life beyond Symbiosis.

With Post graduate students it becomes very important to have such student support initiatives as in collaboration with their professors the students grow academically.